Mollie's Agriculture Agenda... If you don't know, now you know...

Mollie Beaver’s Agricultural Agenda
Have you ever stood in line for free food? Where what you get is what you got and you might get to swap, yet you might not?! Let's help to support initiatives that support farmers and communities alike.
This is a living document outlining our first 11 initiatives for our first 111 days in office. 


We will;


  1. Simplify Georgia’s Agriculture Website;
    1. Streamline website and make it more user-friendly with larger letter, more imagery, and simplification all around,
    2. Create Mobile-User-Friendly Department of Agriculture Website, and
    3. Provide updates to all farmers receiving notifications. 


  1. Expand the Georgia Grown Program;
    1. Create a Mobile Application connecting Georgia farmers more directly to the communities they serve,
    2. Gives farmers up to date information regarding funding opportunities,
    3. Farmers can receive direct funding through the app,
    4. Farmers can make sales direct to consumer and direct to marketplaces,
    5. Farmers can view insurance providers, legal help, water well help, irrigation help, and apply for disaster relief, and
    6. Connect the Georgia Department of Agriculture to the Georgia Department of Human Services to make EBT purchases easy for farmers and customers receiving snap benefits.


  1. Expand the Feed School for a Week Program;
    1. Department of Human Services, Department of Education, and the Georgia Department of AG will pool resources to connect farmers to schools to teach agricultural practices and fresh food to students, and
    2. Provide Farmers with the support to Feed Schools year-round with the help of the Department of Education.


  1. Promote Youth and Young Adult Agriculture Programs with 4H;
    1. We will work with schools and universities to provide a pathway for students to learn sustainable practices and become the next generation of Agriculturalists in the nation,
    2. Promote the 1890 scholarship, and
    3. Open and create new 4H contracts.  


  1. Streamline communication between Department of Human Resources and WIC; 
    1. Farmers will be able to be paid directly from customers with WIC Vouchers
    2. This legislation will help to ensure that lactating mothers and their babies are provided with the extra food needed to help sustain their body and milk supply. 
      1. “Studies show that mothers eating a well balanced diet of fruits, veggies, and protein and proper lactation support are able to breastfeed more successfully.”


  1. Provide equity to farmers statewide;
    1. Correspond with all Farmers licensed by Georgia’s Agricultural Department. Call those who are not.
    2. Ensure that resources available are available on a “Have-Not” basis
    3. Provide training and programs that help farmers reintegrate
    4. Create and promote a network that provides seed sharing and equipment sharing opportunities between farmers.


  1. Increase Georgia’s Agricultural GDP;
    1. Invest in the growth of medicinal herbs, hemp, apples, nuts, and berries while continuing to strengthen our already strong economy of Peanuts, Cotton, Free Range Chicken, and Timber!
    2. We will set regulations that ensure that 10 trees are planted for ever 1 tree torn down.
    3. Create seminars on how to make value added product from plants that grow naturally (Make Money with your Weeds!)
    4. Partner with organizations interested in seed sharing and propagation of rare plants.
    5. Identify native plants that need help increasing their population and promote programs to help keep rare herbs like Goldenseal and Ginseng increase their population.


  1. Create the Prison to Produce Program;
    1. Provides inmates with a better quality of life by teaching farming and agriculture practices that provides food to inmates and local community markets,
    2. Provides alternative sentencing options for incarcerated folks and those who have been convicted of non-criminal offenses, and
    3. Incarcerated farmers can save seeds to plant at home after their sentence has been served.


  1. Strengthen and support regulations surrounding air and water quality;
    1. Ensure that Watershed management companies are well equipped to clean our waterways on a weekly basis, and
    2. Initiate a quarterly clean up of all water sources like the Chattahoochee River.


  1. Support Clean Energy regulations;
    1. Ensure that gas prices are capped statewide,
    2. Promote sustainable energy sources,
    3. Create programs that teach businesses how to convert to clean renewable resources, and
    4. Provide more incentives for agricultural companies using Green Initiatives.