Letter From the Owner


My name is Mollie Beavers and I am the Founder/CEO of Southern Bohème, a wholistic lifestyle brand specializing in everyday solutions for everyday health using art, herbs, and yoga. We remind ourselves that we can each heal our mind, body, and spirits by using the gifts from our Earth.

The use of pharmaceuticals, household cleaning products, and conveniently fast meals, amidst our ever increasing mortality rates tells me that our "Western" civilization is not as progressive as it may seem. Food deserts and food swamps plague low-income communities across the country and organic food options are scarce and overpriced. With local farmer's markets being virtually nonexistent or less accessible with public transportation, we have witnessed a rise in health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Treatment for these illnesses are reactive, usually involving a concoction of pills prescribed by a doctor. Hypertension and Diabetes plague black and brown communities nationwide and lack of awareness of and lack of accessibility to healthy food options are the culprits.

Many of us don't know that every disease can be treated by living a healthy and wholistic lifestyle. It is not as simple as dieting. Undergoing a complete lifestyle change is the key to longevity. Even if you have already been diagnosed with a life threatening condition, fasting, eating raw fruits/veggies, and drinking plenty of water and tea can stabilize your body and completely cure you.

Take a close look at the ingredients listed in your favorite boxed snacks or household cleaning products. Are they filled with chemicals whose names you can't pronounce? If you answered yes, you have just read the cause of many illnesses. All sickness begins with what we use inside our body.

Southern Bohème promotes organically made compounds for preventative wholistic health care. As we embark on our journey, our mission is to provide the community with affordable wholistic care solutions and education. Our products include customizable and Organic herbs, topicals, classes, and one-on-one services that can be found in our Online Store

One-on-one Wholistic Care Services include but are not limited to; Lifestyle Consulting, Private Yoga and Meditation, Custom Herbal Blends, Natural Body Care, Spiritual Cleansing, Hydrotherapy, Art Therapy, and Tea Parties! Together we come up with a plan that best suits your needs.

By the year 2022, you will be able to utilize our mobile application which scans our wellness using biometrics and we will be opening our first Tea House and Apothecary in the heart of West End Atlanta.

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