Every form of bodily dis-ease has three primary causes; poor lifestyle habits (body), lack of rest (mind), and stress (spirit). Dis-ease of the body is a multi-faceted problem that requires multi-faceted solutions, none of which can be given in a pill-white concoction. Dis-ease is totally curable with a natural and wholistic lifestyle. No digestive dis-ease needs the help of a doctor prescription. The steps below are your instructions for beginning self-healing.

These facts also hold true for digestive problems, but having poor lifestyle habits trumps them all. Having a healthy diet of raw fruits and vegetables and a regular exercise routine can prevent and save a person from digestive disorders and many other forms of bodily dis-ease.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a digestive dis-ease, let’s first take a look are your diet. Do you regularly intake any of the following;

  • Cow’s milk,
  • White flour,
  • White salt,
  • White rice,
  • White grits,
  • White sugar,
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Deep fried foods,
  • Canned fruits/vegetables, or
  • Packaged junk foods, (i.e. chips, dips, cookies, frozen dinners, noodles)???

If so, you have just found the cause of your digestive problems. Your first step towards wellness begins with the elimination of those products from your diet. Most of the foods listed above contain enzymes and chemicals that our bodies simply can not digest which accumulate in the body and become toxic to our system. Our bodies’ inability to eliminate these toxins will not only cause dis-ease in the colon, but also in the kidney, liver, blood stream, and every part of the body. Healthy alternatives include;

  • Plant based milk,
  • Whole wheat flour,
  • Pink salt or sea salt,
  • Brown rice,
  • Yellow grits,
  • Brown Sugar,
  • Honey/Agave,
  • Baking food, limiting fried food intake, cooking with olive oil but never deep fried,
  • Fresh whole fruits/vegetables,
  • Nothing packaged.

Natural treatments include drinking plenty of water, drinking herbal tonics, and having an herbal enema (colonic). Yoga and regular exercise will help movement within the digestive tract and the elimination of toxins through perspiration. Regular Epsom salt baths will also assist in the elimination of toxins through your pores and will remove bloating in your mid-section.


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