New Features Added!!!

Fellow Bohemians!
I thank you for your patience as we take the time to honor our commitment to wholistic health and personal growth. I've taken some "time off" as some would say to build global partnerships that allow the sale of herbs like, Afrikan Moringa, Afrikan Baobob, Indian Neem Leaf, German Chamomile, and more!!! 
Our new CreativiTEA Feature allows you to customize any base tea (green, black, matcha, etc.) with a variety of herbal and dried fruit options. In time, you will be able to get those same herbs by the ounce. Please leave feedback about this feature as we optimize our flow. 
The first 100 people to use this feature will receive 22% off of their entire purchase and a free ready to drink bottle of their custom blend using promo code CreativiTEA11.
Click below to make your tea selection. 
-Mali Ma'at


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