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11 Reasons we Love Tea!!

"Tea Love: A Haiku" My favorite drink. Not much more satisfies me. Here's why I love Tea; 1. Teas and tisanes (tea accompanied by herbs and roots) promote overall health and longevity and are used by many people as an anti-bacterial agent. In history, they have been used as medicine to treat numerous forms of dis-ease. Similarly, tonics (roots/herb blends steeped for several days) are consumed daily for preventative healthcare, are naturally antibiotic, antiviral, and/or antiseptic, and possess a long shelf life. 2. Energy- Caffeine levels in tea are released gradually throughout the day for sustained energy; unlike coffee which gives a quick burst of energy that makes you crash midway through the day. 3. Digestion- Essential Oils and polyphenols in...

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