Water Cures

Water Cures 

(A Haiku)
Water, our solvent,
dissolves all impurities
that lie within us.

For two years, I attended A. T. Walden Middle School, once located on Irwin St in the heart of Downtown Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. This was a small school with no more than 300 students during the time I attended whose numbers decreased and deceased as an effect of gentrification. One of my fondest memories were of a school nurse whom no matter what you came into her office for, she’d tell you to drink some water and send you back to class. As students, we’d make jokes about this. Whether you had cramps, a stomach ache, the flu, or swollen ankles, she’d simply patch you up and tell you to drink some water. I often wondered how much money she saved the school. Yet it wasn’t until recently I discovered how accurate she was.


Most bodily disease can be remedied by using water. It is a tonic element which means that it can stimulate the functions of every part of the body. Water can be used as a laxative, purgative, enema, relaxant, diuretic, and more. One of the simplest water treatments is the bath. A 15-30-minute bath will help remove bodily dis-eases of many kinds. Colds, flu, muscle aches, inflammations, and anxiety can be treated with a simple bath. Patients with chronic dis-eases and cancers must be monitored by an attendant and the treatment must be accompanied by more wholistic treatments.


Like a tonic beverage, herbs and compounds like epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oils can be added to help remove toxins from the body. This Etsy store sells affordable and handmade cleansing mineral bath salts.


Many times, this winter I have received calls from friends with colds, flu, bronchitis, even early pneumonia, seeking refuge from the Over the Counter drugs that left them sick for weeks. I will share with you the treatment I shared with them. This treatment removed their dis-ease in less than a week – sometimes overnight. This treatment can be used at first sign of bodily dis-ease, and can be found here.


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