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11 Reasons we Love Tea!!

"Tea Love: A Haiku" My favorite drink. Not much more satisfies me. Here's why I love Tea; 1. Teas and tisanes (tea accompanied by herbs and roots) promote overall health and longevity and are used by many people as an anti-bacterial agent. In history, they have been used as medicine to treat numerous forms of dis-ease. Similarly, tonics (roots/herb blends steeped for several days) are consumed daily for preventative healthcare, are naturally antibiotic, antiviral, and/or antiseptic, and possess a long shelf life. 2. Energy- Caffeine levels in tea are released gradually throughout the day for sustained energy; unlike coffee which gives a quick burst of energy that makes you crash midway through the day. 3. Digestion- Essential Oils and polyphenols in...

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3 Components of Wholistic Health: Body, Mind, Spirit!

3 Components of Holistic Health: Body, Mind, Spirit The western approach to medicine dissects the body into parts and treats symptoms with experimental drugs that are synthesized from dissected plant life. For example, the active ingredient in Aspirin is the chemical mixture acetyl salicylic acid which was derived from the chemical salicin which is naturally found in white willow bark. Back in the day this bark was peeled directly from the tree to help people with pain from headaches, arthritis, back pain, and more. Holistic (Wholisitic) medicine treats the full spectrum of the human being -Body, Mind, and Spirit- through wholistic means.  1. BODY The body is more intricate than the world’s largest clock. Like any clock, if one piece stops working,...

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Letter From the Owner

Greetings! My name is Mollie Beavers and I am the Founder/CEO of Southern Bohème, a wholistic lifestyle brand specializing in everyday solutions for everyday health using art, herbs, and yoga. We remind ourselves that we can each heal our mind, body, and spirits by using the gifts from our Earth.

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