My name is Mollie Beavers, the founder of the Southern Boheme Apothecary and the next Agriculture Commissioner for the State of Georgia where our mission is to promote Agriculture for the Culture because there is no culture without Agriculture. Our vision foresees a community of people who have all the tools they need to heal themselves. This farm to cup Apothecary serves as a resource for the community to receive everyday solutions for everyday health using art, herbs, and yoga.
My heritage includes Muscogee & Cherokee Native American, African, and European descent and I am inherently unbiased towards racial conflicts because I know that becoming one within ourselves and the Earth can heal that too. Currently, I am an herbalist, percussionist, Kemetic Yoga Basu, musician, filmmaker, poet, and a live production guru having produced fashion shows, music festivals, concert series, and more. 
Becoming Agriculture Commissioner is an easy way to bridge the gap between farmers, communities, and agencies by being a liaison and spreading creative positive messages to promote Georgia Agriculture and increase our State GDP!

✨I will be the Bridge Between the Farmers and the Markets; Every farmer will receive consulting services and have a place to sell their produce. In the next 2 years we will fill every food desert in the state with fresh produce markets and fill grocery stores and schools with local produce.

✨I will be the Bridge Between the Farmers and the People; We will implement direct to consumer, farm to table options for folks without transportation and maintain EBT acceptance with our partners at Amazon, Instacart, etc. 

✨I will be the Bridge Between the Farmers and the Infrastructure. We will help you acquire Mobile Internet Hotspots, Solar Power, simplify the GA AG Website, and help you with your needs over the phone or in person until we get it done. I will meet you where you are!  

Georgia thrives because we have been the leaders in Agriculture for more than 5000 years!

#1 TIMBER, COTTON & POULTRY and we will create and support programming and funding to support new farmers, farmers in need of critical resources, and farmers impacted by natural disasters. 

I am Mollie Nicole Beavers and I am preserving and promoting Agriculture for the culture; for there is no Culture without Agriculture. 


Bachelor of Arts in Film with Music Concentration from Georgia State University
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