My name is Mali Ma'at, a.k.a Mollie Beavers, the founder of the Southern Boheme Apothecary where our mission is to provide Every Day Solutions for Every Day Health. Our vision foresees a community of people who have all the tools they need to heal themselves. This Apothecary serves as resource for the community to receive wellness consultation,  herbal medicine, and the tools they need to heal themselves.

I am an herbalist, percussionist, musician, filmmaker, poet, and a live production guru having produced fashion shows, music festivals, concert series, and more. 

My goal is to enter law school and study medical law and advocate for  herbal medicine coverage on health insurance plans.

Owner Credentials

Certified Holistic and Integrative Health Specialist with primary focus on Kemetic Science, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Kemetic Yoga Teacher (Tjef Neteru Sema Paut) 200+hrs

Bachelor of Arts in Film with Music Concentration from Georgia State University

Media Corner

"The Mortician," (Short Film, 2013, Writer, Assistant Director, Composer) 

"Alice On Opium," (Prose, 2012, Writer)

"Music Therapy," (Short Film, 2014, Co-Writer)

"Reign," (Fashion Show Commercial, 2012, Producer)

"Reign," (Fashion Show Footage, 2012, Producer) 

"The Takeover," (Commercial, 2012, Lighting Cinematographer)