Herbal Preparation Workshop

Herbal Preparation Workshop

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Do you have a bunch of herbs in your cabinet and want to make more than tea?

Are you curious about herb preparation methods that have a long shelf-life without the use of harmful preservatives?

You will leave this class with the tools necessary to make tonics, tinctures, and salves using herbs, resin, essential oils, and plant based preservatives to make your at home-apothecary more complete. You will also leave with products that YOU CREATED, because the best way to heal yourself and your family is with your own healing hands. 

Take Home Items Include;

  • All-Heal Salve,
  • Ginger Tincture,
  • Dandelion Tonic,
  • Multi-Vitamins,
  • Reusable Capsule Machine,
  • Vegetarian Capsules,
  • Reusable Tea Bags, and
  • Laminated Herbal Preparation Guide!

Class may be 3-5hours long depending on the needs of our participants.

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